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Page Anderson

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1998


Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders, clinical outcome research; virtual reality; culture & anxiety


Not recruiting new doctoral students for Fall, 2019

I strive to conduct clinical outcome research on the treatment of anxiety that contributes to our scientific knowledge base and to the quality of life of those suffering with anxiety. I believe interventions should be acceptable, accessible, and practical. Treatment should produce real-life benefits for individuals and improve public health at large. I value creative, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches, from translational neuroscience to partnership with non-profit and small business organizations.

My lab investigates the use of virtual reality and other widely-available technologies to treat anxiety, why treatments work, and for whom. I have interests in multicultural competence that cut across my research, teaching, and practice.

Current Projects

  • Developing internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy using virtual reality exposure therapy for college students with social anxiety disorder.
  • Improving the acceptability and accessibility of technology-based treatments using experimental studies and community based data collection.
  • Collecting longitudinal data on attention bias, cognitive bias, and behavioral avoidance among people with social anxiety disorder.