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Page Anderson

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1998


Digital health; mechanisms, efficacy, effectiveness & cultural influences of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety; attention & cognitive biases of anxiety disorders


Dr. Anderson is recruiting a student for Fall, 2020.

I strive to contribute to the diversification of my field. The majority (75%) of the doctoral students I have mentored identify as ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, first-generation college students, first-generation immigrants, people with learning disabilities, and people with physical disabilities.

I conduct clinical research on the treatment of anxiety that contributes to our scientific knowledge base and to the quality of life of those suffering with anxiety. I believe interventions should be acceptable, accessible, practical, and improve mental health equity. This work requires careful intention. My lab investigates how technology (e.g., virtual reality, apps) can be used to this end. I value creative, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches, from translational neuroscience to partnership with non-profit and small business organizations.

Current Projects

  • Improving the acceptability, expectancy, and use of technology-based treatments using experimental studies and community-based data collection.
  • Real-world use and impact of mental health apps
  • Multi-method assessment of attention and cognitive biases in social anxiety disorder

My lab stands in full solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and other efforts around the country to stop violence against Black Americans.