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Elizabeth Sheehan

Lecturer, Senior    

Ph.D., Emory University, 2008


As a lecturer at GSU, my primary responsibility is teaching. To that end, my students can expect me to work hard to provide an engaging, fun, and effective learning environment. I try to get students involved in their learning through hands-on activities, group work, and class discussion so they gain a multi-dimensional experience of the course content. I typically teach Introduction to General Psychology (PSYC 1101), Introduction to Research Design and Analysis (PSYC 3510), and a CTW course on Forensic Psychology (PSYC 4800).

Although I focus on teaching, I maintain involvement in a few different lines of research. My main focus is on scholarship of teaching and learning. I am currently collecting and analyzing data on the relationship between metacognition and academic achievement. In addition, I am working with colleagues at Emory University on a project investigating how self-efficacy and class structure affect students’ procrastination and successful completion of writing assignments. My research in the area of developmental psychology explores how infants acquire language and improve their communicative competence and how specific language experiences affect brain development. My specific interests concern 1) the relationship between general symbolic development and language development and how these are neural represented and 2) the role that adult-infant interaction plays in infant language development.