Graduate Association of Student Psychologists (GASP)

Students2The Graduate Association of Student Psychologists, GASP, is a student organization dedicated to advocacy and support for current and incoming Psychology graduate students. The officers include a leadership team and representatives from each program area within the department. Each GASP representative sits in on the faculty meetings for their program area and all officers attend a monthly GASP meeting to discuss both area-specific issues and department-wide issues. GASP is also committed to implementing initiatives that improve Psychology graduate students’ experiences at Georgia State.

Guide to Graduate Student Life 


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The purpose of GASP is to:

  1. Represent the concerns and views of graduate students who are enrolled in the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University
  2. Act to improve the quality of life for psychology graduate students
  3. Facilitate social and academic programming for graduate students
  4. Facilitate interactions between faculty and graduate students in non-academic settings
  5. Act as a resource for both incoming and current students

Meetings are open to all graduate students in the Department of Psychology. Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis during the academic year (September through May) and as needed during the summer term (June through August). Announcements about meetings will be sent through email via the student listserv.

Alexandra Bellis
Katelyn Cleary
Anita Hasni
Communications Chair
Programming Chair
Diversity Co-Chairs
Allana Zuckerman
Robyn Borgman
Masha Malikina & Dominique Thomas
Graduate Student Council Liason
Executive Committee Representative
Graduate Program Committee
Alyssa Ailion
Katie Hale
Jacque-Corey Cormier
Clinical General (CLG) Student Representative
Clinical-Community (CLC) Student Representative
Clinical-Neuropsychology (CLN) Student Representative
Cognitive Sciences Student Representative
Community (COR) Student Representative
Developmental (DEV) Student Representative
Becky LeCroix
Carolyn Brennan
Nikki Wilner
Alesha Bond
Nadim Khatib
Melissa Hrabic