Community-Public Health Dual Degree (MPH-PhD)

The dual MPH-Ph.D. program in Public Health and Community Psychology is designed to provide professional and graduate students with a solid and well-rounded background across two disciplines. Successful candidates will earn a Master of Public Health degree (MPH) upon completion of the graduate health behavior & promotion concentration or the epidemiology concentration offered by the School of Public Health and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) upon completion of the community psychology (COR) concentration.

Because health is determined by a complex interplay of biology, genetics, lifestyle, environmental factors, social and political conditions, multi-disciplinary professional expertise is needed to address the growing challenges to the public’s health and welfare. Both community psychology and public health professionals attempt to address these conditions, but take different yet complementary approaches. Many community psychology professionals work within public health with a focus on social change, activism, reducing oppression and empowerment while public health professionals focus on assessing prevalence and incidence as well as identifying risk and protective factors (EPID), and changing individual health behavior (HPMB).

Candidates for the dual degree program must meet the admissions requirements and follow the application procedures of both the Community psychology (COR) concentration and the School of Public Health (SPH). Admission into one degree-granting program does not guarantee admission to the other. When applying to the dual degree program, applicants should indicate “COR” in the application materials, and then indicate that they are also applying for the dual M.P.H.-Ph.D. program and that they wish to be considered for the MPH in Health Promotion and Behavior (HPMB) or Epidemiology and Biostatistics (EPID). Application materials will be forwarded for review by the admissions committee at the School of Public Health.

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Health Promotion and Behavior

Lucy Popova
Laura Salazar
Shannon Self-Brown
Jenelle Shanley-Chatham
Donna Smith
Claire Spears
Dan Whitaker

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Monica Swahn