Clinical Psychology (CLG)

clinpsych2The Clinical Psychology concentration is designed to fill the requirements for doctoral training in clinical psychology and prepare students to be eligible for clinical licensure following graduation. Clinical psychology is the science of behavior for the promotion of human betterment and relief of suffering; it is characterized both by its integration across many fields (medicine, public health) and by its specializations, such as neuropsychology. The Clinical Psychology concentration at Georgia State trains psychologists committed and equipped to improve the human condition and alleviate suffering through transdisciplinary scientific inquiry. Our students are trained as scientists who can critically evaluate and integrate information, generate hypotheses or alternative explanations that are grounded in the research literature, develop methods to evaluate those hypotheses or explanations, and communicate effectively in scholarly and lay contexts.

The Clinical Psychology (CLG) concentration is administered by the Clinical Psychology Program. Faculty who are members of the Clinical Psychology Program typically serve as primary advisors. In cases where a non-clinical faculty member serves as the primary advisor, a secondary advisor is assigned to ensure appropriate clinical training.

When applying to the Clinical Psychology concentration, indicate “CLG” in the application materials. However, applicants within primary interests in Clinical Psychology can also apply to the Clinical-Community (CLC) concentration or the Clinical-Neuropsychology (CLN) concentration. If selecting one of these options, applicants should review the Clinical-Community (CLC) or Clinical-Neuropsychology (CLN) Concentration pages for more information and indicate CLC or CLN, respectively, in application materials.