Supporting Psychology

givingIt’s an exciting time for the Psychology department. Our faculty are receiving national recognition for the quality of their research and the excellence of their teaching. Our students are taking their place on the national stage – winning competitions, receiving prestigious scholarships, and finding new ways to connect their learning with the world around them.

Your generosity makes this vital work possible. Alumni and friends support every aspect of college life, making it possible for us to deal with present needs, and to plan for the future. Please read on to learn how you can help us build the future of the Psychlogy department at Georgia State University.

Student Support
  • Fellowships
  • Scholarships
Faculty Support
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Programmatic Support
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  • Psychology Department Fund (02153)
  • Faculty Support for the Dept. of Psychology Endowment (02F19)
  • Student award funds Psychology Dept.
    • Graduate Award Endowment (02E87S)
    • Elizabeth A. Kenny Scholarship in Psychology (020004S)
    • Bailey M. Wade Memorial Scholarship (02291)
    • Theresa Nash Bernstein Scholarship in International Travel (02G12S)
    • Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellowship (02D45)
    • Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma Intervention (02908)
    • Language & Literacy Doctoral Fund (020001)
  • Areas of Focus and Centers: Center for Research in Atypical Development and Language (02C02)
    • Language & Literacy (020041)
    • Language Research Center (02968S)
    • Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (02D99)
    • Regents Center for Learning Disorders (020140)

Scholarships and Fellowships Supported by Your Contributions

Elizabeth and Michael Kenny (left), with 2010 Kenny Scholar Alice Barrett and other Honors Night attendees from psychology. The Elizabeth Kenny Scholarship recognizes the outstanding undergraduate student in psychology. Matthew Price (center) received the Richard Morrell Outstanding Graduate Student in Psychology Award, which is funded through gifts to the Psychology Department Graduate Award Endowment. Lindsey Zimmerman (third from right) received the Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma Intervention, which was established by donors to support training and intervention in trauma. Also shown are Dean Lauren Adamson and department chair David Washburn (right).

Aasha Anderson

Helping a talented psychology major toward graduate school: Beginning this year, the outstanding undergraduate student in psychology was awarded the Elizabeth A. Kenny Scholarship in Psychology. The inaugural recipient of this honor is Aasha Anderson. Ms. Anderson has an exceptional record of accomplishment at Georgia State University, both in and out of the classroom. She has contributed to the efforts of several research laboratories and has excelled in her academic endeavors. Aided by this scholarship, Ms. Anderson plans to attend Wake Forest University for graduate study.

Lisa Heimbauer

With support from the Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellowship, doctoral student Lisa Heimbauer is studying the speech-comprehension capabilities of a language-trained chimpanzee at the Language Research Center. The Rumbaugh Fellowship was established through the generosity of Steve Woodruff and other donors to recognize the contributions of the long-time chair of psychology.

Tim Flemming

Supporting comparative research on emergent cognitive competencies: Tim Flemming was the 2008-2009 recipient of the Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellowship, established through a gift from Steve Woodruff in honor of a Regents Professor Emeritus and long-time chair of the psychology department. Mr. Flemming is an advanced graduate student who has published 7 papers in refereed journals. The Rumbaugh Fellowship supports his research efforts with nonhuman primates at the Language Research Center. He was recently honored with a Young Investigator Award from the American Psychological Association.

Molly Sikes

With support from the Theresa Nash Bernstein Scholarship in International Travel, undergraduate student Molly Sikes was able to travel abroad for the first time. Ms. Sikes visited Ireland in the summer to study the social and developmental consequences of Terrorism.

Lawanda Cummings

Providing international and multicultural perspectives on psychological processes: Lawanda Cummings is the inaugural recipient of the Theresa Nash Bernstein Scholarship in International Travel. This award was established through an endowed gift to allow an excellent undergraduate or graduate student to conduct research overseas. With support from this scholarship, Ms. Cummings was able to conduct graduate research on human rights in Argentina this summer.

Kate  Talbot

The Bailey M. Wade Scholarship was established in honor of the department’s first chair, and honors students who demonstrate need as well as the goals and values demonstrated by Professor Wade during his tenure at Georgia State. These funds help Kate Talbot examine social cognition in nonhuman primates, and specifically how levels of oxytocin affect cooperation among brown capuchin monkeys.

Psychology Department Fund

Donations to the Psychology Department Fund helped the department to recruit new faculty and graduate students to the department this year, as well as to provide awards for the outstanding Honors student (Claire Lisco) and for the students with the most outstanding posters at the annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference.

Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma Intervention

Supporting training for psychologists who specialize in recovery from trauma: Negar Fani is a graduate student who has focused on studying trauma intervention, both with respect to her research program and also her clinical training. This study was honored and supported this year by the Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma Intervention, established to support students who are training to address issues associated with sexual abuse and other forms of trauma.

Psychology Enrichment Fund

Facilitating recruitment of outstanding new faculty and students:  The Psychology Enrichment Fund provides vital support for various aspects of the departmental operation. Departmental activities supported by this fund include faculty recruitment, graduate-student recruitment, receptions for visiting scholars, retirement functions, and flowers or other expressions of concern for hospitalized colleagues.