Welcome to the Georgia State Psychology Department’s Careers in Psychology webpage!

If you are a psychology major interested in pursuing a career in psychology or a psychology related field, there are many options available to you.  Although you may choose to join the work force after receiving your bachelor’s degree, most careers in psychology require a graduate degree.  The process of learning about these graduate programs and potential careers demands dedicated time and effort on your part.  In order to support your exploration, the Psychology Department offers several resources to assist you.  A course entitled, Careers in Psychology, is taught several times a year.  This course is designed to outline career options and to help prepare you for graduate school or the work force.  The department also has a Peer Advisement Program, the Psychology Pipeline Project and faculty who are available to answer your questions.   On this page, you will find resources that are in the Georgia State library or on the web.  For example, the American Psychological Association ( has an informative webpage that is useful for undergraduate psychology majors.  Finally, Dr. Andrea Weyermann is the Advisor for Graduate Schools & Careers in Psychology and available to answer questions. You may email her at:

It is never too early to begin learning about your career in psychology.  You are encouraged to utilize the Psychology Department’s resources and let us know how we can help!

  • Video tapes: The following tapes are available for viewing in the library Media Center (7th floor of Library South)
    • Career Encounters--Psychology. (APA film, 27 minutes)
    • Careers in Psychology--Your Options are Open (APA film, 8 minutes)
    • Psychology: Scientific Problem Solvers. Careers for the 21st Century. (1996 APA film, 14 minutes)
    • Career Paths in Psychology. Produced by the Department of Psychology, Arizona State University, 1996
  • Reference librarian, located on the main floor of Library South, assists in finding resources on careers
  • University Career Services
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Psychology Clinic--helpful services for students