Hegemonic Masculinity and Sexual Assault

Posted On December 18, 2018
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Sarah Cook and Dominic Parrott appeared on an episode of the Cultural Humility Podcast, hosted by Dr. Miguel Gallardo of Pepperdine University, to continue the dialogue on hegemonic masculinity and sexual assault elicited during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh.

TEDx Video: Justice at all Costs? Rethinking Risk with the Science of the Mind

Posted On February 12, 2018
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Eyal Aharoni, PhD: If you had the power to foresee who will commit a crime by peering into their brain, would you use it? Cognitive scientist Eyal Aharoni’s cutting-edge research with New Mexico’s Mind Research Network forces us to confront uneasy questions about the proper role of emerging “neuro-prediction” technologies in decisions to punish, release,… more »

Grants, Fellowships, Awards, 2017

Posted On June 27, 2017
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Sarah Brosnan (PI), professor of psychology and philosophy, and Michael Beran (co-PI), associate professor of psychology, “Impacts of social context and ecology on strategic decisions in dynamic interactions.” National Science Foundation, $415,292.

Vonetta Dotson (GSU PI), associate professor of psychology, “Dissociating Components of Anhedonia: Pilot Behavioral and fMRI Data for the Effort Expenditure for… more »