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Marika Lamoreaux

Lecturer, Senior    

As a senior lecturer, I devote my time to the undergraduate learning experience.  I am interested in exploring different teaching techniques that improve the learning experience.  In particular, I have developed multiple hybrid or fully online classes to try to both increase the class’s flexibility, and to increase the materials students have outside the classroom.  I work hard to create classroom experiences that take advantage of the face-to-face nature of class, and digital experiences that take advantage of student’s ability to work at their own pace when they are not in class.

I also supervise the department’s two tutoring centers.  At the tutoring centers, psychology students receive free help from peer tutors in writing, and in statistics and methods content.

Lastly, I also passionately believe in the value of study abroad.  I have led a study abroad to Ireland on the Psychology of Terrorism, and co-led a study abroad to Tanzania on the Psychology of Skin Bleaching.